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Introducing NAILSY!

Create a statement with NAILSY; our latest nail enhancement system of stylish and clever nail foils! Offering an alternative to the "norm" of nail fashion, NAILSY includes an assortment of options from solid metallic's to detailed patterns; these bright, sassy and eclectic appliqués adds a touch of whimsy and creativity to your nail wardrobe.

NAILSY is easy to apply and requires no drying time; it's superior solid coating adhesive properties allows for easy adhering to natural or gel manicured nails and lasts up to 14+ days. Non-damaging peel away removal makes NAILSY perfect for those seeking something temporary and fun!

Available in 9 designs options!
24 Nail foils per package.

  • Adheres to both natural and GEL manicured nails
  • Lasts up to 14+ days
  • Alternative service option compared to traditional nail art
  • Can be applied at home with ease


Precious Platinum Precious Platinum
Strike Gold Strike Gold
Electric Blue Electric Blue
Liquid Fire Liquid Fire
Snow Leopard Snow Leopard
Pink Kitty Pink Kitty
X Marks the Spot X Marks the Spot
Heart of Gold Heart of Gold

Nailsy Application Instructions


  • Manicure nails.  Be sure cuticles are gently pushed backed and nails are properly trimmed and shaped.
  • Remove any excess oil residue.


  • Remove the punch out piece from the backing film.
  • Select the nail foil that is closest to the size of your nail and trim it to fit exactly with scissors.
  • Peel the nail off the plastic film.
  • Grasp the nail foil between your thumb and index finger and lay its rounded edge against the cuticle.
  • Rub all areas of the nail foil firmly with a cuticle pusher or JESSICA orangewood stick. Press down from one side to the other and work until there are no wrinkles.
  • For better results, warm up nail foil with hairdryer or heating lamp on low setting.
  • File off any excess nail in a downward motion.

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