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GELeration Essentials Kit

Essentials includes the key products to perform a
GELeration manicure or pedicure. Self-leveling formulas
bond to the natural nail while maintaining the ultimate
flexibility. Easy to apply and simple to remove,
GELeration manicures won’t chip, peel, fade and will
last for three-to-four weeks.


PREP- Nail Primer
START - Soak- Off Base Gel
BUILD - Soak - Off Clear Gel
FINISH - Soak - Off Sealer
CLARIFY - Nail Cleanser
ERASE - Soak Off Remover
Prepping File
Gentle Foam Buff er
Soft Buff er File
.5 fl oz/5 mL
.5 fl oz/15 mL
.5 oz/14.2 gr
.5 oz/15 mL
4 fl oz/120 mL
4 fl oz/120 mL
100/180 grit
100/180 grit
240/400 grit

PREP Nail Primer

PREP prepares the nail plate for the
application of GELeration soak-off gel
products by removing excess moisture
and balancing the PH level.

START Soak-Off Base

START Soak-Off Base Gel creates optimum
adhesion and gives nails a natural look
with a thin durable coating that allows
nails to maintain fl exibi lity.

BUILD Soak-Off Clear Gel

BUILD Soak-off Clear Gel has higher
viscosity for maximum strength and
fl exibility. Use to enhance the length and
shape of the nail or for general nail repairs
while maintaining a natural looking nail.

FINISH Soak-Off Sealer

FINISH will seal your GELeration Polish to a smooth fi nish
leaving a high gloss shine that will not dull or fade over
time and protects it from chipping or peeling.

CLARIFY Nail Cleanser

Clarify multi- purpose cleanser was developed especially for
GELeration. This oil-free formula can be used to cleanse
the natural nail and to remove any sticky residue.

ERASE Soak-Off Remover

Designed to break down the bond and safely release
GELeration Soak-Off Gel products from the natural nail in
just minutes. Erase’s conditioning formula protects the
natural nail and surrounding skin from excessive dryness.


The ultimate nail adhesive for natural nail
repairs, artifi cial nail and tip applications.

Gentle Foam Buffer

Prepares the nail for
soak-off gel application by
removing shine.

Prepping File

For fi ling and
shaping the nail.

Soft Buffer File

Used after the removal
of soak-off gels to give
nails natural shine.

Nail Forms

Designed to fi t all nail types and provide
consistent c-curves with imprinted
guidelines for length and shape.

9 Brush

Handcrafted brush made with the fi nest
Kolinsky hair for the perfect application
for all types of enhancement procedures.


GELeration is a Professional Product Line. Request a professional account or login to your account to order.





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